d22f196b Windshield washers

Fill a windshield washer reservoir only with special liquid intended for a washer or clear water. It is dangerous to use the low-freezing cooling liquid as windscreen washer liquid. At hit of cooling liquid on a windshield visibility through glass will worsen that can lead to the road accident. Do not include a washer. previously without having warmed up a windshield. Do not fill in cold season a washer reservoir with simple water. It is dangerous to use washer liquid which freezes at a negative temperature of air in cold season. Liquid of a washer can freeze on a windshield and is sharp worsen review conditions. You can get into the accident.

Fig. 1.73. Operating modes of the lever of a washer of a windshield

Press the lever towards yourself to include a washer of a windshield (fig. 1.73). The washer will give liquid on a windshield while the lever keeps in the pressed situation.
If the control lever a screen wiper is in the provision of "OFF" (is switched off) or "INT" (a faltering operating mode) (option A) "/AUTO" (an automatic operating mode) (option B), then at inclusion of a washer the screen wiper will continuously work until the lever is not released.